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When we design furniture or any other object, o StdioL.C has a very specific mission in mind: generating a connection true, sentimental, aesthetic and on purpose.


We are a young and contemporary company, but we drink from strong roots and traditions, which strengthens our identity. Our parts are produced involving small and medium suppliers in manual and collaborative processes and we want as long as they are of the best quality, so that they last forever na memory of people. 


spirit of StdioL.C, will always be dealing with da Essene.


Stdio Lucas Caramés Design Autoral is a Brazilian furniture and object design brand that exalts its roots, from a minimalist and contemporary perspective, reinterpreting the history of Brazilian modernist furniture.


Its purpose is to make a design with meanings and stories, through an individual expression with the objective of reinforcing the collective, transforming people's daily lives, understanding its essence from a contemplative look.


The studio develops copyright projects and collaborates with companies in the furniture sector with national and international reach. In 2022, he joined the group of exhibiting designers at Mostra Casa Brasil NY, Brasil in Natura Terra Adentro and also at the permanent collection of the Museu de Arte de Brasília – MAB with the Center Table Fachadas.


Its latest launch, the Hyyge Line, came to reinforce the importance of connecting more with ourselves and working on our authenticity and personal well-being, comprising an Armchair, Chair and Hygge Rug.


The moral and ethical motivation of Stdio Lucas Caramés Design Autoral is a continuous effort to design something that has an aesthetic and cultural property. The word innovation has its place in all of this, but it's not just to suggest technological progress, we translate innovation as "offering real and constant improvement in our lives".


Lucas holds a degree in Architecture and Urbanism from the Catholic University of Brasília - UCB (2015), studied at the Furniture Design Summer Course at The Florence Institute of Design International - FIDI in Florence, Italy (2018). He is the Second Secretary of ADEPRO – Association of Product Designers of Brasilia. As an Architect and Designer of Furniture and Product, he does not only seek to empower good ideas, but to be part of a group of those who seek, share and preserve them. He believes in authorial design as part of the constant search for more knowledge, always valuing the study of ergonomics and functionality. The authorial design allows for a design free of excesses and balanced, and is made of exchanges, and reciprocity is the key to promoting a true connection. That's what Design is, that's what Stdio believes in. Awards and Exhibitions 2019 ° New Brazilian Talents 2022 ° Casa Brasil New York, Brazil in Natura - Terra a Dentro ° Museum of Art of Brasilia - MAB

Since 2019, we realized that in order to grow it was necessary to invest in concept, identity and quality. Since then, we have chosen to use design as a strategic tool and an integrating element of our entire production chain. We seek to integrate the best of our culture with international references through the rational use of our raw materials, control of processes and industrial production methods combined with artisanal techniques. Our production consists of presenting a balanced variety of typologies that seek simplicity, usability and ergonomics. This care results in timeless pieces that have been recognized for their elegance and originality. Our thinking takes shape from precise design, careful execution and handcrafted finishes. Our hybrid methods of production range from the use of machines to the celebration of the virtues of handcrafting. This constitution is understood in all products produced and marketed by STDIO LUCAS CARAMÉS, which are gradually gaining national and international recognition. The elegant design allows the pieces to silently fulfill their function and, by themselves, establish connections with the most varied cultures. The positive response that is building as we expand, even beyond our borders, legitimizes our identity and timelessness of our signature. For STDIO, simplicity is invaluable.

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